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September 25, 2012
Free DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are very common, but they are no joking matter. are proud to offer Free DDoS Protection with every Dedicated Server, Cloud Instance or Colocation order that will help to mitigate against 90% of attacks known.

Free DDoS Protection is a service that is supplied with every Dedicated Server, Cloud Node, Colocation and Camfrog Room Hosting order. Technically Free DDoS Protection is a L4 transparent firewall & traffic analyser that protects from all TCP, UDP, ICMP based attacks. This kind of DDoS filter best fits those servers that require complete protection of all ports, i.e. game servers. Free protection filters HTTP flood as well, however, if you mostly suffer from this type of attack it is recommended to upgrade to Lite, Standard or Enterprise plans for better protection.

To apply for a Free DDoS Protection package, please place a Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting or Colocation order. Once it is processed, Free DDoS protection will be enabled for your infrastructure.

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