4 Tips to Prevent Against DDOS Attack
Published on: December 16, 2013 by Marcus

You should know how to protect server from DDOS to keep your network infrastructure free from attacks. It may be the busiest day for your business, but your website may not be showing anywhere on the internet! Yes, it would happen, if you’re yet another victim of DDOS attack. In usual cases, it involves attacking an IP address with large amount of traffic that causes web server to be overwhelmed. The legal traffic server fails to contact, thereby making the website unavailable.

What Is DDOS Attack?

DDOS is a special type of attack, leading to generation of malicious traffic from several sources. From past 2 years, such types of attacks have been increasing in frequency. There are few practices on how to prevent DDOS attack, preparing it in advance and dealing with it immediately. The DDOS attack could be harsher and blocking it would be difficult from a single IP address.

How to Stop DDOS Attacks?

Here are some methods on how to block DDOS attacks:

DDOS Risk Management

As a first good defense step, create a company-wide or enterprise risk assessment program. It can give you an insight into the possibility of attack and figuring out your most likely or vulnerable parts. It would also help you to know the effects of DDOS attack, estimating the possible loss to your business. The potential loss factors include communications, e-commerce impact, and downtime. Knowing the impact, you can invest in risk-reduction activities and right IT securities.

Knowing the In and out of Infrastructure Components

It’s imperative for you to know all equipment and resources on your network, in conjunction with the weaknesses and strengths of each tool. You need to document the security of the tools, and periodically test the capabilities of the tool and infrastructure as a whole. It would give you a better picture of what type of threats you can uphold, like small attack from a single small IP source. You can also outsource to safeguard or block complex attacks.

Action Plan Preparation

When an attack occurs, it’s too late to figure out how to prevent DDOS and what measures to take next. If you’ve created an action plan in advance, you would know what do when or how to prepare when it occurs. The action plan should take many factors into consideration, such as responder actions, severity levels, priority levels, and impact of the attack. The impact of the attack on entire company is very different from one web server and your action plans should be quite different. Communicate clearly or else the measures would be ineffective.

Post Attack Analysis

 Though it is important to create an action plan to resolve attack, it’s equally crucial to plan post-attack analysis. You should know how to mitigate DDOS, what could be next level of attack, whether the action plan worked partially or fully successful. You can also think of buying better equipment, if it fits your budget plan or outsource to a security service supplier.

Perform regular checks and evaluate threat landscape to drive better practices. 

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