Published on: December 2, 2013 by Marcus

There are various website attacks that you want to fight and protect against, but the DDOS attacks are ones that you have be extra careful and alert about as these are the serious threats for any online business. These attacks have the capability of eating up and consuming your bandwidth, which can cost you a fortune to recover. If your server is hit by a DDOS attack, it can restrict you from generating sales and sign ups. It can also slow down or completely stop your site’s accessibility. And this can happen to any website, even to the big large scale ones even after spending a lot on protection. 

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Published on: November 28, 2013 by Marcus

There are many out there who want to know the answer to “what is DDOS”; though it is no secret and the world knows about it, not everyone who uses web and websites are aware of DDOS, which stands for distributed denial of service. These have become a very common form of threat on Internet and it is extremely important to know how to mitigate DDOS attack if you have a website or a web based business. One of the right ways to do this is to choose the right mitigating provider, which is obviously not a very simple job. You need a heads-up for the same and we give you just that right here. 

Following are the questions and their answers that you should get from your mitigation provider to be sure that they really know how to prevent DDOS. 

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