What Is a DDOS Attack and How to Protect a Server from It?
Published on: December 2, 2013 by Marcus

There are various website attacks that you want to fight and protect against, but the DDOS attacks are ones that you have be extra careful and alert about as these are the serious threats for any online business. These attacks have the capability of eating up and consuming your bandwidth, which can cost you a fortune to recover. If your server is hit by a DDOS attack, it can restrict you from generating sales and sign ups. It can also slow down or completely stop your site’s accessibility. And this can happen to any website, even to the big large scale ones even after spending a lot on protection. 

What Is DDOS Attack?

Before getting into the depth of ddos attack, you should know what is a ddos? DDOS stands for the Distributed Denial of Service. It is a type of DOS attack that restricts someone from viewing and browsing internet. This mainly affects people who have slower internet connections. This attack is nothing, but an attempt to make a computer source unavailable to various users by several groups. This is the result of efforts from an individual or several groups to restrict a server or website to function. The outcome of the site can either be a temporary or permanent shut down of site.  

Tips on How to Prevent DDOS

There are various ways in which a server can be protected from the DOS/DDOS attacks. One major way is to use DDoS Deflate, which is the DOS protection script. These scripts are available at reasonable rates and can also be obtained free of cost. These protection scripts depend on the cron-jobs that help in analyzing your traffic; it also determines what good traffic and bad traffic is due to the DDOS attacks. The examining and analyzing of traffic can protect your server from overloading and knocking all the websites offline. This method is the answer to many questions like, how to prevent ddos attacks. 

DDoS Hosting Provider

Another way to prevent a ddos attack is to do it with the help of a DDoS hosting provider. The DDoS hosting provider comes with expensive equipment that is very much needed to filter traffic. They have the ability to absorb the bad traffic during the DDoS attack even before the fake traffic reaches your site and shuts it down. It has the capability to protect the server from all sorts of DOS attacks. 
Make sure that you get the needed Mpbs protection as the bandwidth filtration, TCP filtration and the capacity to handle as many packets as possible in one second. If you were ever a victim of DDOS attacks in past, or you are worried that you might be a victim soon, then there are two ways that can save your efforts – 

- First one is to use the script to provide minimal protection against the attacks or to the equipment that can save your server from major DDOS attacks

- Another effective option can be to rent a DDoS hosting provider.

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