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What are DDOS attacks?

DDOS is an attack aimed at the main server running or hosting your website or application. It can prevent your users from accessing your website or application and can leave you running at a loss for losing out on site visitors. DDOS or DoS as they are commonly referred to as is the abbreviated form for Distributed Denial of Service or Denial or service. It is a specialized term used to depict an exceptional strike on a programming, administration or provision over the web. In computing terms, this assault happens when activity is sent from a particular server to an alternate host workstation with the sole point of obstructing their administrations, so it gets possessed and can't be gained entrance to by authentic clients. In layman terms, it’s fundamentally a project that launches a strike at an alternate individual's site or application to debilitate it from being utilized by its customary clients. This is the thing that makes the site or provision unavailable. These sorts of assaults are extremely regular with servers of banks, payment entryways and government websites. In the course of the most recent years there has been a surge in these sorts of assaults. With the increment in the eCommerce business and individuals utilizing the web for more purposes these ambushes have ended up very bothersome.

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You should know how to protect server from DDOS to keep your network infrastructure free from attacks. It may be the busiest day for your business, but your website may not be showing anywhere on the internet! Yes, it would happen, if you’re yet another victim of DDOS attack. In usual cases, it involves attacking an IP address with large amount of traffic that causes web server to be overwhelmed. The legal traffic server fails to contact, thereby making the website unavailable.

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