How To Protect Server From DDOS Attacks And Keep Them Safe And Secure?
Published on: December 24, 2013 by Marcus

Understanding ddos and protecting one’s system from it

What is ddos? A denial-of-service attack is n attempt by outside users to make the system unavailable to its attached users. It disconnects the services of the host to the internet. The Ddos or Distributed denial of service attack occurs when one or more web servers are under this attack. Ddos are more harmful as it becomes difficult to track it down through multiple machines. Since there are multiple machines attached tracking to which is the original computer causing the attack might be very difficult.

With the ddos attack becoming very common it is important to understand what is ddos protection? Ddos protection ensures safety for your online business from such harmful attacks. There has been an increase by 50% in ddos attack as reported in Q2 of the year 2012. Incloudibly ensures that you are protected from ddos attack.

It answers your queries on how to prevent ddos attacks. Incloudibly currently offers 3 packages to choose from remain protected from ddos attacks. One needs to understand the rate of the attack before choosing the package. They have live assistants to help you in the same. The ddos protection packages are:

  • Lite- which will take care of 1 website and 1 domain

  • Standard package takes care of 1 website and 3 domains

  • Enterprise package takes care of 3 websites and 10 domains.

  • The limits are restricted to 1, 3 and 10 gbit/s.

  • You get upgrades to other websites in both standard and enterprise packages.


Understanding dedicated servers and utilizing them to maximum

What is dedicated server? Dedicated servers refer to a single computer in the whole network which is being kept reserved for specific tasks. These tasks are especially in tune with the network. Some dedicated servers manage communications between all computers in the network. There are some dedicated servers within large network which take care of the printing resources. However there are some dedicated servers in not so large networks which act as the server while performing the tasks like other computers also. In some cases we also see a virtual dedicated server. They are from shared resources but work and act like a dedicated server. Incloudibly offers services to set up high performing secure dedicated servers based on your needs. In European markets they are available with Ddos protection.


The question always remains as how to stop ddos attacks? Incloudibly offers a free rapid setup. They provide:

  • Ddos protection to the server till 10 Gbit/s

  • Reliable hardware and rapid provisioning

  • Ready virtualization and private networking

  • A LAN port with a dedicated 1gbit/s along with 15 TB of bandwidth

  • An option of multi- homed network systems

  • Full redundancy on the plan offered.

Incloudibly turns out to be the best option for all professionals. It answers all you queries on how to block ddos attacks. It is the choice of many professionals across the country. The quality of work and set done by them is unmatched and satisfactory.

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