What is DDOS protection and is my server vulnerable?
Published on: December 9, 2013 by Marcus

What are DDOS attacks?

A DDOS attack is when there is a strike at a host server to prevent an application or website from functioning normally. What happens is the accessibility to that server is blocked and no one can get through to the website or even the application. However, knowing the nuts and bolts of a DDOS, and being provided to manage a huge scale strike of this sort are likewise two altogether different things. While vast locales are regularly ambushed, it’s significant that those companies and systems do everything they can to redirect them and remain receptive, even under substantial burdens. What's more regardless of the possibility that you administer a more modest site, for instance a little business can never know when somebody will choose to attack you. We should see a portion of the essential items behind what a DDOS verifiably is, and a few strategies that could be utilized to verify your system and know how to block DDOS attacks.

How does a DDOS attack work?

It used to be that a dissent of administration was the most straightforward sort of ambush out there. Somebody might begin the ping order on their PC, point it at their target address, and gave it a chance to run full capacity, attempting to truly surge the other side with ICMP Echo Requests, or ping packets. Obviously, this rapidly changed, since thus, the assaulter might require an association with more transfer speed than the target site. Initially, they proceeded onward to bigger servers at a schools or research facilities – some place that has a super fast transfer speeds and attack from there. Be that as it may now, ‘botnets’ are utilized within essentially all cases, since its causes fewer complexities for them, and is less clear, making the ambush well circulated. This is why t is very essential for any who’s running high end servers to know what are DDOS attacks and how to avoid DDOS attacks. While a solitary machine might have no shot of cutting a site down, if 10,000 personal computers or more all send a solicitation on the double, it might cut down any unprotected server. Now that you know how it works, maybe you can check if your server is vulnerable to it. 

What is DDOS protection?

DDOS protection is basically preparing and preventing an attack on your hosting server so that you can save all the time, energy and money is trying to recover from one. There are lots of companies that offer DDOS protection and they guarantee you instant setup. Not all DDOS protection is expensive in fact some can be pretty reasonable and nothing compared to the costs you might have to bear for recovering from one. Most of them use fault-tolerant servers and offer DDOS mitigation equipment. Some of them even offer a free backup facility and complete cloud control for your mobile applications on iOS and Android. There are few precautions that you could take too like:

- Buy more bandwidth

- Do not have an open resolver as far as your DNS is concerned

- Have your routers drop junk packets

- Set up robust firewalls

- Consider using cached servers

The prevention of a DDOS can only start with you and end with you. You alone are responsible for your hosting server. So get a good protection service and know how to protect server from DDOS.

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