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Instant Setup All orders are processed immediately upon payment completion. Cost-effective products A perfect balance of hardware efficiency and price. Scalable & Upgradable Add cloud resources on-the-fly with just few clicks, pay as-you-go. Reliable Hardware We use fault-tolerant server and networking hardware developed by proven vendors. Full Redundancy Multi-homed network , dual-power source, fast UPS and diesel generators. 24/7 Technical Support Round-the-clock expert help and advice you can trust. DDoS Mitigation Equipment Your service will not be interrupted if your web infrastructure is a under a DDoS attack. Low Latency Direct connection to top IP-Transit suppliers ensuring minimal data transmission latency in Europe, Asia and America. Free Backup Facility Our Backup Facility is available to every client free of charge. Mobile Apps Control your cloud instances on the go with OnApp mobile application available for iOs and Android devices.

What is 'Incloudibly'?

Some say perfection is a goal that can never be reached, but it must be the objective. We do agree. Incloudibly's team stick to continuous improvement process philosophy, we believe that 'good' is never enough.

'Incloudibly' stands for 'incredibly good cloud solutions'. Our team works hard to satisfy each and every client's business requirements and develop new solutions of highest quality. We are proud to operate under such an ambitious business name and hope that you'll give us a chance to prove that it perfectly fits our end product.

Customer Quotes

Due to the nature of my business my portal experiences seasonal traffic fluctuations up to 500% of average daily hits. Thanks to scalable incloudibly.com cloud solutions I'm able to handle such peaks efficiently and flawlessly by adding extra resources to my instances on the go. As soon as the high-season is over I'm back on my default config that helps me save money for other needs.

Bobbie Lee Barksley, London, UK

Swiss Approach

Solar Communications GmbH is a Z├╝rich-based hosting company that provides a wide range of products and services to clients from all regions of the world. Our company is a privately owned, customer oriented hosting company with highly skilled employees at every level of organizational structure. Whatever your requirements are, we are here to provide a solution that would meet your requirements best.

Downtime is Not an Option

We take our customer's web based infrastructure to a new level: high-end hardware, enterprise-class solutions, multiple redundant connections and proven bandwidth providers enable us to achieve uptime that, in fact, exceeds 99.9% while guaranteeing minimal latency and impressive connection speeds all over the web.

Data Center


Our Datacenter is located in the geographic center of Western Europe - Zurich, Switzerland.

Our clients benefit from close neighbourship to top EU economies and millions of potential customers. In addition Switzerland's record of exceptional stability and position as a major technological and financial hub of Europe makes our Data Center location ideal to our clients.

Incloudibly's Data Center has been built with redundancy in mind and is equipped with multiple AC/DC, UPS and Diesel backup power supplies. On-site security with multi sensor perimeter protection, monitored security bage access and electronically multi-gated entry point guarantee your equipment and data safety.

Infrastructure & Equipment


Infrastructure is the key to reliable IT business.

Our team has developed an outstanding proprietary platform where all equipment, network and software solutions are owned by us and our partners, thus eliminating potential risks associated with leased equipment and adding yet another safety layer to our network.

We buy new, efficient, high-end equipment from well established manufacturers only. Our customer may rest assured that the equipment obtained from us will deliver top performance now and will continue to do so for years to come.



Two key elements that contribute to network speed are bandwidth and latency.

Our engineers' choice is premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers, ensuring minimal latency and fast connections to every part of the global web. Core routers and switches are Cisco made.

Premium Multi Homed Bandwidth guarantees necessary network redundancy at low latency. 1 gbit/s LAN ports are used at all servers for even better performance. Automatic DDoS Protection and mitigation equipment on-site provide our customers with unprecedented security and guarantee your infrastructure availability under any circumstances.

Customer Orientation


Incloudibly.com is a customer-oriented hosting company. We believe that when it comes to customer satisfaction - good is never enough.

Here are some of our services and features that help us satisfy each and every client's business requirements:

24/7/365 professional support service: we will address your questions or inquiries in a timely manner, no matter how complex your problem is. Should have an urgent question or technical issue, 24/7 Live Help is at your service.

Free technical assistance: our highly qualified technical staff will install a wide variety of operating systems and provide technical support on most key company products free of charge.

Free Backup Facility: backup system is of paramount importance to every IT-related business. Our Backup Facility is available to every client free of charge.

Discounts and Special Offers: discounts vary depending on the order specifications and term. Please feel free to ask whether the discount is available with your order.

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