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Professional DDoS protected web hosting solutions and related services

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Dedicated Servers
Incloudibly offers high-performance Dedicated Servers with same day setup and free protection from all types of DDoS attacks that scale up to 10 Gb/s or 4 Mpps. Based on our experience, this level of protection is capable of mitigating against 90% of attacks known. All data stored on our servers is protected by Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection.
More informationRapid provisioningRedundant power sourceMultihomed network99.9% Uptime SLA1 Gb/s dedicated portHardware RAIDSSD configurationsDDoS protection up to 400 Gb/s
Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
Cost-effective VPS nodes based on fail-safe equipment with 99.9% uptime SLA guarantee, 10 Gb/s network connection and free DDoS protection. Choose from a wide range of virtual servers with 200+ operating systems. Easily backup and restore your servers with snapshots.
More informationInstant deploymentCost efficiencyEasy scalability99.9% Uptime SLA10 Gb/s network connectionBackup snapshotsFree 7-day trial
Cloud Hosting, CDN & Load Balancing
Virtual Cloud Servers offer many benefits over traditional bare metal servers, but one of the core features is the ability to rapidly deploy new nodes - you'll be online within minutes after clearing the payment. Instantly add and remove resources to cloud instances, clone entire instances, pay as you go. We provide 10 Gb/s DDoS protection with every Cloud VPS.
More informationInstant deploymentCost efficiencyEasy scalability99.9% Uptime SLA10 Gb/s network connectionDDoS protection up to 10 Gb/sFree 7-day trial
Remote DDoS Protection
DDoS attacks are very common, but they are no joking matter. This type of security threat is becoming increasingly popular due to efficacy and costeffectiveness for hackers: 50 percent increase in total number of DDoS attacks in 2012 has been reported. Incloudibly offers protection from all types of web-based attacks, including but not limited to: SYN, HTTP, UDP, ICMP, TCP.
More informationRapid & easy setupStay with your current hosting providerReal-time adjustment99.9% Uptime SLACustom filter settings availableAgainst all types of DDoS attacks
Equipment Colocation in Zurich, Switzerland
House your servers and other equipment in a safe and secure environment with a multi-homed network. We can supply co-location at the most sophisticated facility in Zurich, Switzerland for your equipment up to 4U in size. Incloudibly guarantees 99.9% uptime, highest data confidentiality level and safety of your equipment.
More informationMultiple transit upstream providers and peering partnersRedundant power supplyHighest on-site secuirtyFree reboots and KVM/IPMI
Control Panel Licenses
Control Panel is a useful tools that will help your run and maintain your website with ease. We offer free control panel installation on servers, that are hosted with Incloudibly - all you need is to pay for the license. You can also purchase software licenses without buying any other products or services.
More informationFree installationAutomatic software updatesNumerous built in utilitiesGUI interface for Apache, Perl, PHP modules configurationStrong user access policies
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