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What payment methods do you accept?

Incloudibly accepts PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bank Wire, WebMoney and Perfect Money. You can also pay with Bitcoins - a digital peer-to-peer currency based on cryptography.

What is burstable 95% billing system?

We use a burstable 95% billing system for traffic count. It means that we do not change 5% of maximal traffic overage. The port speed of 1 gbit/s allows you to have peaks up to this value. Each dedicated server is provided with 15 TB of internet traffic per month. It results in 50 mbit/s average Internet connection speed. You may exceed this limit free of charge only within 5% limit of total traffic. For more detailed explanation of Burstable billing refer to

What are the minimum and maximum billing periods?

Minimum service term is 1 month, maximum - 12 months. Standard billing cycle is 1 month, we operate on a prepaid basis.

What currencies do you accept?

Unless otherwise stated, payments are accepted in CHF, USD and EUR.

What is your refund policy? does not provide refunds, all sales are final. We do not refund any part of our billing fees for any unused time except for servers terminated by Incloudibly's decision.

DDoS Protection

What is the free DDoS protection solution that you offer?

Technically DDoS Protection solution that is provided with Dedicated Servers, Cloud VPS and Colocation orders is a L4 transparent firewall & traffic analyzer that mitigates against all TCP, UDP and ICMP based attacks. Free DDoS protection is limited to 10 gbit/s and 4 mpps. This solution filters HTTP flood as well, however, if you mostly suffer from this type of attack it is recommended to upgrade to Lite, Standard or Enterprise package for better protection. Free DDoS protection response time varies from 1 second to 5 minutes depending on attack type. If an attack reaches one of these limits the attacked IP address is null-routed for 24 hours.

Is DDoS mitigation guaranteed when I'm on free protection plan?

DDoS Protection that is supplied with Dedicated Servers does not guarantee 100% DDoS attack mitigation, however, based on our statistics and experience it is capable of mitigating against approximately 90% of web-based attacks. For a SLA guaranteed DDoS protection please refer to DDoS protection plans.

Can I feel safe being under Free DDoS protection?

Free DDoS protection keeps your server(s) safe from Distributed Denial of Service attacks, but it isn't a substitute for other security measures as there are plenty of other ways to damage your server. A customer shouldn't ignore application security settings, on time updates, antivirus protection, firewall settings etc. Please also note that Incloudibly is not responsible for the damage to your server/data caused by DDoS attacks.

What reports on the DDoS attack do I receive when I'm on free protection plan?

Free DDoS protection system keeps no logs and there is no ability to generate a report regarding your attack. However, do not hesitate to contact members of staff for live data on your server status.

I've ordered a DDoS protected server but someone managed to attack and bring it down.

DDoS protection system sensibility lower threshold is 100 kbit/s, it means that attacks below this threshold may pass the filter. Normaly such an attack would not harm any service or damage a server, unless it is misconfigured or has a software vulnerability that attack targets. Software configuration is a sole customer responibility. Ff your server's software cannot attacks below 100 kbit/s, you should pay attention to its configuration settings.


How can I reach your staff to resolve an issue or ask a question?

We provide support via email, support tickets and live chat. For general and sales questions please feel to use any of these methods. For technical assistance please submit a ticket with detailed information on your issue enclosed.

What time does it take for a query to get processed?

Helpdesk support is available 24/7, however it doesn't mean simultaneous availability of chat, tickets and email. Helpdesk team reacts on new issues instantly, but instant reaction doesn't mean immediate solution of an issue. Some types of queries take reasonable time to get processed.

How do I submit a support ticket?

Support tickets are available in your account (registration required). Please add server's IP address and your ID to details each time you open a new ticket. Detailed description of an issue is also encouraged. The more initial details you provide us with, the faster we'll be able to resolve the issue.


Are there any limitation on what I can host on a server?

There's a list of practicies and materials that we do not allow on our servers. Please read Terms of Service for further information.

Do you have reseller or referral program?

Yes, we have both reseller and referral programs. If you wish to participate in these programs, please find detailed information here.

How do you protect customer privacy?

Incloudibly is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with the privacy statement. Incloudibly is bound by Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection. Please read more about data protection in Switzerland at

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