Having a Problem with Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft DDoS Protection

It is not fun gaming when under attacks that ruin the servers. Unfortunately, these attacks are called “DDoS attacks.” Minecraft server owners always tend to be annoyed whenever they encounter problems with this kind of attacks that are usually 10-50 Gbps. To solve and mitigate these attacks fast, Minecraft server owners would usually pay thousands of dollars. In order to have a better gaming experience, one of the best things to consider is a Minecraft DDoS Protection.

What is a Minecraft DDoS Protection?

For all those problems that prevent the Minecraft server owners from having a good gaming experience, this DDoS protection is one of the most appropriate things to consider. What is a DDoS? It stands for Distributed Denial of Service. This is a common attack where a large amount of computers request for the same source.

Every game server should be equipped with a DDoS Protection that will protect the server host from any forms of DDoS attacks. This kind of protection for a Minecraft server should be a reliable, lifetime protection against TCP, UDP, and ICMP attacks.

Rest assured, a Minecraft server host that is under this DDoS protection will be secure and functional even from complicated and unsafe DDoS attacks. Minecraft hosting with this kind of protection ensures that the server is secured.

It can also resist various DDoS attacks up to 10 Gbps. Aside from that, it is fully capable of mitigating almost 90% of attacks known. With this very high quality of protection, the server host will not go down easily. In case the attack goes higher than the average 10 Gbps, Minecraft server owners can upgrade their DDos Protection up to 200 Gbps without any charge.

Want Cheap Yet Quality Minecraft DDoS Protection?

Here are some ways of having a high quality DDoS Protection without spending too much money:

1. Make sure that the provider chosen offers a DDoS Protection. If it does not, the tendency is that DDoS attacks will ruin the gamers’ experience and it would be another burden for the budget.

2. Choose the provider wisely. Some providers can offer a DDoS Protection, but it cannot be upgraded. Some do not offer any protection at all. What one needs to choose is a provider that offers the “best” DDoS Protection that can be upgraded over time to avoid frequent DDoS attacks.

3. Find out how much bandwidth is needed. Keep in mind that gamers will usually need about 4 kb/s to 8 kb/s each. This is different from the 30 kb/s to 50 kb/s that is given by some companies. The most important thing is that the bandwidth should not be able to have DDoS attacks.

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