This Service Level Agreement outlines certain guarantees regarding Services to a Client.

Service Level Agreement ("SLA") (Incloudibly) Service Level Agreement ("SLA") states a set of guarantees that we make before our clients. The SLA covers a number of components that ensure smooth operation of your infrastructure while outlining our responsibilities to you as our client.

Network Guarantee guarantees 99.9% availability of its network in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.

Infrastructure Guarantee guarantees 100% availability of its infrastructure and uninterrupted access to electricity and HVAC in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.


Incloudibly guarantees that all hardware components will be maintained in a proper working order and in an event of failure the hardware will be replaced within 1 hour after the problem has been identified at no cost to customer.

Hardware is: Processor(s), RAM, hard disk(s), motherboard, NIC card and other hardware that is a part of a server. Rebuilding RAID arrays is excluded from this guarantee as may take more time to complete.

Agreement Modification

Incloudibly may, in its reasonable commercial judgment, amend this SLA from time to time.

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